4 Reasons to Start Using SMS Marketing in 2021

4 Reasons to Start Using SMS Marketing in 2021

When most people hear the words “digital marketer” they think of things like Facebook ads, Google Analytics, and email marketing. The world of digital marketing is complex and constantly evolving. This means you and your practices must change if you want to stay competitive. The good news is that among all the changes happening to marketing at large, there’s one constant – all your customers use cell phones. What if I told you however that there’s an even better way to reach more people and estimate that 98% of them see your message with a 19-45% CTR? If these stats sound intriguing to you, you want to start using SMS marketing.

If you thought 500 million tweets per day or 2.5 billion Facebook users sounded like a good deal, think about the 26 billion texts estimated to be sent per day in the U.S. alone. Just in case you’re not sold yet, below are 4 key reasons why you should start using SMS marketing:

1. Your competitors are using SMS

Between 2015 and 2017 alone, SMS marketing grew by 92% for B2C’s and 197% for B2B’s. Not all businesses are using SMS marketing, but it’s likely that a portion of your competitors are using it to provide value to your customers in a way that you aren’t yet. Right now is the perfect time to hop on the SMS marketing train. SMS marketing is a proven concept while remaining relatively unsaturated. SMS marketing is gaining momentum in both small and large businesses ranging from brands like Subway to your local coffee shop. By not using SMS marketing you might be vulnerable to your customers being swept away by a competitor who is using SMS marketing.

2. It’s the most personal form of marketing

SMS marketing allows you to collect and find personal information about your customers. This provides you with the opportunity to use this information in your advertising and create specialized messages around your customers. You can collect information like their name, birthday, cell phone number and more.

iLoyal can even search for info related to your customer’s name and phone number to provide you with even more data. You can have access to their interests, age, and general location. Using this information can give insight into how to market to your customers. You can segment them into groups based on interest or location, and send specialized messages that can benefit specific groups. Customers hate getting coupons for something they don’t want, with iLoyal you have the tools to provide them maximum value. By making your marketing more personal, it’s easier to create brand loyalty & returning customers.

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3. SMS marketing has the best engagement rates

Every digital marketer knows the struggles of email open rates and PPC CTR rates. Customer attention spans are getting shorter and CTR’s aren’t getting much higher. Not only do around 75% of customers say they prefer receiving promotions through text, but texting is the most widely used feature on all cell phones. Text messages can also be sent without the need for internet access (unless it’s MMS) and can be sent almost anywhere.

SMS is versatile but what makes it so special is its ability to provide an average 98% open rate and 19-45% CTR. With iLoyal, the cost to send a single text message ranges from 1.5¢ – 5¢. For a medium that boasts a 98% open rate and at minimum around 19% CTR, this is an extraordinarily cheap price compared to other mediums. Facebook has an average CTR of about 0.9-1.3% and Instagram has an average CTR of about 0.52%. It’s clear when performing a cost-benefit analysis that SMS marketing can be a heavy hitter for your businesses’ marketing.

4. With iLoyal, starting to use SMS marketing is simple

iLoyal helps make your SMS marketing campaigns simple to create and manage, it would be easy to start using SMS marketing with us. Many of the fears associated with getting started with SMS marketing are solved by iLoyal. iLoyal’s platform is widely known for it’s easy-to-use and user-friendly platform. iLoyal has the plethora of features that makes managing and tracking your results efficient. Sending things like coupons, drip-messages, and contests can be done in minutes with iLoyal.

The best part about iLoyal is our amazing customer service team. Our team exists with the sole purpose of helping you use our platform in a way the best suits you. Give us a call and we can help with any question or problem you might run into. iLoyal will help you utilize all the benefits of text message marketing to reach billions of possible consumers worldwide.

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