iLoyal acquires research
firm, boosts CX capabilities
iLoyal recently expanded our suite of loyalty consulting and research services,
merging with a firm that has been our go-to insights vendor for over a decade.

CX is about understanding and elevating customer feelings

Customer Experience (CX) all comes down to how a person feels about the experience of interacting with your brand.

Great CX is about providing a valuable, easy-to-use, and enjoyable experience to every customer, on every device, across every touchpoint—in a way that fulfills the expectations that you set and the promises you made.

CX is adding value to every customer interaction

With a bit of consulting and iLoyal CX Insights you will have a clear guide to visualize how the customer journey, customer-brand touchpoints, and the physical and digital customer experience environments are connected.

CX is thinking like your customers

According to research by Capgemini, 75% of organizations believe that they’re focused on providing great CX, however, only 30% of consumers agree.

That difference is the empathy gap. Close the gap and watch your customer loyalty soar.

Empathy Gap iLoyal CX Customer Experience

CX is the power to blow past your competition with every interaction

Organizations that can integrate a seamless, delightful customer experience across all touchpoints will have improved ability to blow past competitors, as they’ll be filling the empathy gap with customer-focused solutions and experiences.

CX is unwavering dedication to act on customer insights

To successfully stand out from the competition, you have to approach your customer experience strategy in the same way that the world’s most respected brands do—with a dedication to human insight and an unwavering focus on the customer.

Why iLoyal CX?

iLoyal CX is the only end-to-end service suite that connects the world’s best CX consultants to research driven CX Insights while giving you the power to immediately test and deploy customer experience improvements.

Useful, usable CX Insights

iLoyal CX solutions clearly and effectively presents comprehensive information about the interactions between your business, customers and employees over the duration of your relationship.

CX Insights for every touchpoint

iLoyal CX provides you with valuable information you need to successfully manage, strategize, measure and impact all aspects of customer involvement throughout various rational, emotional, sensory and physical levels of your business.

CX Guidance for big ROI impact

The iLoyal CX program provides you with a clear guide to visualize how the customer journey, customer-brand touchpoints, and the physical and digital customer experience environments are connected.

By leveraging dynamic CX consulting partnerships, the industry’s best CX technologies, and decades of customer research excellence, iLoyal offers impactful solutions for every organization wanting to deliver a better customer experience.

Take your company on a transformational journey, focused on ROI

iLoyal CX consultants facilitate CX conversations around culture, adoption, customer feedback, customer experience design and strategy, and measurement and ROI that are meant to drive greater CX maturity.

Measure customer experience across the customer journey

From a visitor’s very first interaction through their becoming a customer, then staying and growing with you, iLoyal CX let’s you hear what customers are telling you – so you can create an experience that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Listen and respond to customer feedback with iLoyal Loyalty + NPS

Perform or adjust to meet and exceed customer expectations, then increase loyalty. Higher customer loyalty means higher retention, cross-selling opportunities and referrals, all of which translate into more revenue for your business.

Identify what your customers need and expect from your brand

Customer Journey is NOT about throwing ideas and strategies at the wall to see what will stick. Journey mapping is a powerful tool and process to help you put the customer into customer experience. It’s about identifying what most endears a customer to your brand, and why.

Test your digital experiences, products, and marketing ideas to make your CX even better

Get on-demand feedback from users that evaluate your marketing, products, and services. Secure key insights to confidently make decisions towards creating easy-to-use and delightful products and experiences.

Employee Experience Management is Critical for Spectacular CX

What motivates your employees? What do they value? What would they change?
Improve employee experience management by focusing on what matters to them.

Employee Experience & 360 Surveys

Our secure employee experience surveys help you gather, analyze, and mobilize employee data to transform your workplace, attract better candidates, and improve employee retention.

Get fast, and frequent employee feedback with pulse surveys

Get closer to your employee engagement and track improvements over time with more frequent feedback from your employees.

Ongoing pulse survey programs give you actionable, ongoing employee insights to drive better employee experience.