Use Customer Journey Maps
to improve Customer Experience
Understand what customers go through and improve the quality of your customer experience, ensuring consistency
and a seamless experience at all touchpoints and across all channels.

Journey mapping is the process of visually illustrating customers’ processes, needs & perceptions throughout their interaction and relationship with an organization. It helps you understand the steps customers take – the ones you see, and don’t – when they interact with your business.

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Create Powerful Moments that Matter

Journey mapping gives you deeper insight into the customer, so you can go beyond what you already know. Customer journey mapping gets you thinking about the aspects of the journey you don’t see, but have equal weight and importance to the entire experience.

When mapping out the customer journey, we look for moments that matter, asking ‘where there is the greatest emotional load?’

Collaborative Journey Mapping Experience

We leverage great, easy-to-use tools for journey mapping with real-time client collaboration. No matter the scale, iLoyal brings it all together for you and your team.

Enjoy the smartness of a tool designed and created for journey mapping.

Why is customer journey mapping important?

Customer journey mapping is important, because it is a strategic approach to better understanding customer expectations and is crucial for optimizing the customer experience. Customer expectations are changing for all businesses, regardless of size. Customers are demanding an omni-channel approach to customer service, marketing, and sales. Mapping the customer journey has a host of benefits such as:

Achieve higher customer conversion rates by minimizing negative customer experiences, through identification of key steps and decision points.

Contrast the customer experience desired by your customers against what they actually receive.

Improve customer retention, by understanding how they move through stages of the buying cycle and make information available and accessible.

Understand the differences in buyer personas as they move from prospect to conversion through the buying funnel.

Understand metrics required to identify customer’s progress and fall out points, providing opportunities to bring customers back on board.

Optimize the customer on-boarding process and customize the customer journey for specific channels.

Bring teams together to resolve specific hurdles for understanding core customer journey paths, where adapting will provide the most impact.

Reveals the gaps between various channels and departments and prioritize journey optimizing actions.

Map the Journey with Better Buyer Personas

With detailed buyer personas, you have clearly defined target customers.  Knowing them inside and out — including the motivations they have or the problems they’re struggling with — allows you to tailor your marketing messages to speak directly to the real motivations of the people whom you want to buy your products or services.

The most important thing to remember when creating buyer personas is that you should never assume. Many so-called CX service providers go no further than discussions with your management team, leaving out customer-facing employees, and insights from the customers themselves.  iLoyal goes all the way – because having concrete data, rather than ‘educated-guess’ work, is paramount to making and saving revenues in the long run.

Why iLoyal CX?

iLoyal CX is the only end-to-end service suite that connects the world’s best CX consultants to research driven CX Insights while giving you the power to immediately test and deploy customer experience improvements.

Useful, usable CX Insights

iLoyal CX solutions clearly and effectively presents comprehensive information about the interactions between your business, customers and employees over the duration of your relationship.

CX Insights for every touchpoint

iLoyal CX provides you with valuable information you need to successfully manage, strategize, measure and impact all aspects of customer involvement throughout various rational, emotional, sensory and physical levels of your business.

CX Guidance for big ROI impact

The iLoyal CX program provides you with a clear guide to visualize how the customer journey, customer-brand touchpoints, and the physical and digital customer experience environments are connected.

By leveraging dynamic CX consulting partnerships, the industry’s best CX technologies, and decades of customer research excellence, iLoyal offers impactful solutions for every organization wanting to deliver a better customer experience.

Customer Experience (CX) Audits

Assess the progress of your transformation journey to great CX. iLoyal CX will provide you with a third-party evaluation and recommendations for moving forward or reinvigorating your efforts. Evaluation areas include:

•  Your CX roadmap and strategy (including plan components)
•  Progress relative to baseline assessment
•  Assessment of progress toward achieving desired outcomes
•  Success metrics and how well you are tracking them