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for building love & loyalty.
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Loyalty Solutions

Love & Loyalty

Whether is brand building, special promotions, crisis management, employee notices, or inviting feedback, we empower you with powerful tech and great people to get it done.
Loyalty Email Clubs
Email for anything and everyone. Choose full-service or DIY access on iLoyal’s proprietary email system.
Keep customers coming back, boost employee morale, invite feedback for customer or employee experience - - and much more.
Loyalty via SMS
SMS Loyalty as it’s finest. Show love for customers or any audience wherever they are, using our SMS messaging app.
Use iLoyal's dynamic SMS interface to deliver coupons, birthday greetings, company news, or anything your heart desires.
Love via Social Media
Get social like never before. Manage and amplify your brand across social media channels with iLoyal Social Genius.
Improve communication, collaboration and content. Demonstrate your value with advanced reporting, and deeper insights.

Why do business leaders choose iLoyal?

Success Teams that Care
iLoyal Success Managers care about clients' success. We listen to understand business goals - and it shows in everything we do.
Stellar Delivery Reputation
iLoyal has one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry. Less than 1% of our clients' emails are blocked by email service provider.
More Value from Marketing Data
When we collaborate, ideas flow and businesses grow. We create love and loyalty, but we think beautiful design and actionable data.
Flexible & Responsive
Our people and our tech both bend to facilitate client demands and we take great personal satisfaction in helping clients grow.

All inclusive, full service
Loyalty Clubs
Create more love and loyalty for your brand with iLoyal's full-service email, SMS, social media and CX solutions.
Engage with iLoyal's Success Managers to deliver better loyalty communications.
Deliver Love and Loyalty Get ready to grow your customers
Email Marketing for Restaurants - iLoyal Marketing email Loyalty Clubs
for businesses of any size
We built our system with chains and franchises in mind - empowering companies, large and small,
to deliver loyalty communications at the enterprise or local level.
Explore Loyalty Eclubs Keep CUSTOMERS COMING BACK
The most powerful SMS
loyalty system on the planet
More flexibility, more power, more intuitive UX, more drip settings, more campaign support, more value,
and better coupon design than any other SMS (text message) marketing solution.
iLoyal delivers customer
connection with Social Genius.
Leverage our truly next generation Social Genius app to engage your audience across channels. Get powerful collaboration,
monitoring, and social analytics tools to build more love for your brand.
Explore Social Genius Keep Customers Connected and Engaged
Love and loyalty at every stage
of the customer journey
iLoyal CX is a powerful suite of engagement tools for responding to constantly evolving customer expectations.
Learn how iLoyal CX can help you create experiences that delight customers at every stage of their journey.
Deliver a Great Experience Put the customer at the center of every thing you do