Don’t Give Todd Anderson the Same Desk Set Twice

Don’t Give Todd Anderson the Same Desk Set Twice

Imagine that you give permission to a company to send you emails and provide your birthdate expecting that they will use that information to facilitate strengthening the relationship, perhaps with regular birthday greetings or personalized promotions.

Then, the company sends you the same birthday greeting year after year.

This impersonal, disingenuous messaging is the equivalent of a parent giving you the same desk set they gave to you last year. Remember how disappointed Todd Anderson was in Dead Poet’s Society? Don’t be like Todd’s parents.

Refreshing your automation templates annually can have a big impact on your brand’s relationship with your email audience. Even if it’s the same offer, consider updating the design and the text content of your birthday wishes.

In January and February (after holiday email volume drops off), iLoyal will run our annual discount promotion for updating welcome, birthday, anniversary, and other automated campaigns. Plan ahead to take advantage of the savings.

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