Email Drip Campaign Success Tips

Email Drip Campaign Success Tips

Email drip campaigns illustrate a valuable life principle: sometimes it’s wise to be lazy in certain areas of your life so you can push harder in others.

For example, automatic and programmable coffee makers afford us more sleep and one less task in the morning (lazy). We then arrive at work with copious amounts of caffeine stimulating our brains, so we can push harder in the office (smart).

Here are some scenarios for when you might want to send an email drip campaign, as well as some best practices to help you along the way so you can be lazy and smart at all the right times.

If you provide compelling, relevant, and well-written content, your recipients will find more value in the email campaign.
Use a drip nurturing campaign to keep them warm.
A series of messages about what customers can expect can improve satisfaction and drive conversion.

What Are Email Drip Campaigns?

Email drip campaigns allow email marketers to send emails to recipients based on a pre-determined schedule. Setting up email drip campaigns removes many of the administrative and unstimulating tasks such as preparing, segmenting, and scheduling email marketing campaigns. This will help you direct your creative energy into your email content and impactful design ideas.

For example, some companies send email drip campaigns of featured sales throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. They set up a drip-email campaign to send a new email each day of the Black Friday weekend with a different featured product/service. Although they are ramping up emails, they are providing different deals with each send.

Another good use case for an email drip campaign would be a welcome email drip series that would automatically send a series of emails to people who sign up for your email list. Or if you are promoting an event and want to follow-up with recipients, email drip campaigns allow you to follow up automatically with contacts who have either responded or RSVP’d or for those who don’t open your first email.

As you start to add drip campaigns into your email program, keep in mind the following success tips:

Success Tip #1: Break It Down

Successful email drip campaigns are highly contingent on how well you’ve segmented your email marketing list. This doesn’t mean that your segmentation needs to be overly complex, it just needs to reflect the goals of your email marketing loyalty program (hint: don’t forget to set goals!)

Consider segmenting out your VIP or highly engaged email recipients from the rest of your list to provide more aggressive promotions and incentives. If you work in the B2B space, think about segmenting out recipients who express interest in a certain type of product or service line. You can provide more relevant content this way.

Success Tip #2: Content is Queen Bee

Even if you’ve crafted the most strategic email drip flows, if you don’t spend time working on creating compelling, relevant, and well-written content, your recipients won’t likely find value in your email.

Whether you are writing all your company’s email copy or you hire an email copywriter, this is a critical step across your entire email program. At iLoyal, our email marketing loyalty program breaks down each copy component of an email, along with tips for brand voice and strategy, so that you can put your best content forward.

The best thing about email is that you can continually learn from your past sends and adjust your next one, letting you consistently refine your process until you see your peak results.

Success Tip #3: Bring Them Further Into the Fold

Once your prospect has become a customer, use the opportunity to provide helpful information to them on a regular basis. A purchase could trigger a thank you email, followed by an ongoing series of messages asking them to provide a customer review, take advantage of upselling and cross-sell promotions, or watch a series of instructional videos designed to help them get the most out of their new product or service.

Success Tip #4: Re-Engage Inactive Prospects & Customers

Keep those leads that don’t close in a segment and do a drip nurturing campaign to keep them warm. When they’re finally ready to buy, you’ll still be on their radar.

Reach out to current customers who haven’t been in touch lately. Try using drip campaigns to upsell them to bigger and better products, cross-sell related products and services, or ask them to recommend your company to friends and colleagues. Be sure to give them an incentive to re-engage.

Success Tip #5: Ensure Readiness & Build Excitement

Are you launching a new product? Renovating your website? Opening a new store? Promoting an upcoming event?

A series of messages informing customers about what to expect can be a great opportunity to improve their overall satisfaction and drive conversion, too. A teaser email, followed by a formal announcement and a series of educational messages will help get customers through the entire process with a minimum of disruption. You can schedule event reminders, follow-up thank you notes, and surveys asking about their experience with the process.

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