Gain insights into your team's
engagement and productivity
iLoyal manages your complete employee survey solution - enabling you to measure employee engagement and alignment
within your organization. Conduct an engagement survey once a year, then use pulse surveys to check-up in between.

Employee Engagement = Better Business Results

Employee engagement matters because companies with engaged employees have better business metrics.

22% Gain in Profitability
21% Increase in Productivity
10% Higher Customer Ratings
41% Reduction in Quality Defects
48% Decrease in Safety Incidents
37% Lower Absenteeism

Engage and Develop Your Employees

Your company is growing and it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with your employees. How do they really feel about their jobs, their managers, the organization, and even you? They have valuable feedback and they want to share it. But are you harnessing it properly to get deep insights, lead like never before, and achieve full potential?

Understand and Impact Employee Engagement

iLoyal allows you to configure your own Employee Engagement survey by selecting from pre-defined item sets proven to impact employee engagement. We do all the set-up and administration and you get attractive, real-time online reports. It’s that simple.

Employee Experience Management is Critical for Spectacular CX

What motivates your employees? What do they value? What would they change?
Improve employee experience management by focusing on what matters to them.

What do Engagement surveys measure?

Simply put, Engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. iLoyal will customize your survey or you can use our standard measures for these topics such as these:

Employee Satisfaction  |  Employee Work Environment  |  Safety Perceptions |  Team Cohesion & Respect  |  Motivation  |  Culture  |  Organization Loyalty |  Empowerment  |  Role challenges  |  Time Management |  Suggestion box

Can I add/write my own questions?

Of course: iLoyal’s Engagement surveys give you complete flexibility. We’ll set up your survey with the standard item sets you prefer, then add/modify questions as you feel important for your needs.

Add temporary or special items to your core item set at anytime to gauge attitudes and interests for employee-impacting decisions.

What’s better about iLoyal Engagement surveys?

The Simple Truth: Save time, save budget, and enjoy an expertly managed employee engagement system.

No programming, no bouncing survey question wording around the office for weeks, no stress. Simply select survey item sets and upload a data file with employee information. We’ll set up automated invites on our proprietary email and/or SMS system (optional) and give you access to a powerful engagement decision-making dashboard!

Why iLoyal CX?

iLoyal CX is the only end-to-end service suite that connects the world’s best CX consultants to research driven CX Insights while giving you the power to immediately test and deploy customer experience improvements.

Useful, usable CX Insights

iLoyal CX solutions clearly and effectively presents comprehensive information about the interactions between your business, customers and employees over the duration of your relationship.

CX Insights for every touchpoint

iLoyal CX provides you with valuable information you need to successfully manage, strategize, measure and impact all aspects of customer involvement throughout various rational, emotional, sensory and physical levels of your business.

CX Guidance for big ROI impact

The iLoyal CX program provides you with a clear guide to visualize how the customer journey, customer-brand touchpoints, and the physical and digital customer experience environments are connected.

By leveraging dynamic CX consulting partnerships, the industry’s best CX technologies, and decades of customer research excellence, iLoyal offers impactful solutions for every organization wanting to deliver a better customer experience.

Looking for more employee insights?

Add Employee Pulse Surveys to Your Engagement Program

Experience the all inclusive Employee Pulse system that takes all the time and effort out of understanding employee attitudes.

Use pulse surveys to understand your people and gather real-time insights that impact the bottom line.