Increase Engagement with Elevated Email Marketing

Increase Engagement with Elevated Email Marketing

Do you already have plenty of segments that make sending relevant, content simple, and save you time? Here are some elevated actions within the actual email that can help you increase engagement with your subscribers.

By encouraging people to post and interact with you online. People are more likely to follow brands that interact with them.
If your subscribers see the same emails from you over and over again, eventually they’ll get bored. Make your emails stand out.
It’s a fun, exciting way to break from the normal promotion and creates a positive human connection.

User-Generated Content

Everyone knows people love to talk about themselves—and this axiom translates to marketing, too. People love seeing their Instagram shots reposted and shared by their favorite brands. The same goes for pretty much any user-generated content on any social media platform.

The great news is you can use this user-generated content to your advantage. The benefits include:

  1. Saves you time by getting your audience to create content for you.
  2. Increases engagement by encouraging loyal customers to post and interact with you online.
  3. People are more likely to follow brands that interact with them.
  4. Proving that you value your customers and love seeing how they use your products out in the real world will build your loyal following.

You can include user-generated content in your emails as well as on your social media profiles. In fact, we encourage it. By integrating your digital marketing efforts, you expand your reach and grow all your channels.

But user-generated content doesn’t have to be confined to social media platforms. You can also include reviews in your emails and integrate the hashtag onto your website, allowing potential buyers to see how real-life loyal customers have already used your products or services.

Interactive Content

It is very likely your subscribers receive a lot of emails every day—possibly even some from your competitors. So your emails need to capture your audience’s attention if you want readers to engage with them again and again. Interactive content will keep your emails from getting boring or dull.

While most people have received some sort of request for feedback they could interact with in an email, there are plenty of ways to incorporate interactive content your subscribers haven’t seen a few times already.

You can gamify your emails by adding an in-email quiz to test their knowledge in your industry. Or maybe your subscribers can see what discount is behind doors number one, two, or three.

If your loyal subscribers see the same emails from you over and over again, eventually they’ll get bored. Occasionally adding in some interactive content keeps your subscribers engaged and looking forward to seeing what you’re going to send them next.

Surprise and Delight

Another great way to keep your loyal subscribers engaged is to occasionally send emails with the sole purpose of delighting them.

The content you send in an email like this will depend on your branding and your industry. If your branding uses a serious tone to convey your messaging, an email you send with the main purpose of surprising and delighting might just include a recent study published in your industry.

An email like this provides information you wouldn’t normally send, but you believe it will add value to your subscribers’ lives and create a positive connection. A surprise and delight email should only be sent every once in a while. The messaging should be clear and transparent to show that you are not sending spam by explaining in your copy why this email is a little different than your others.

Similarly, this email should only vary slightly from your regularly scheduled sends to maintain the integrity of your email marketing loyalty program.

The best thing about email is that you can continually learn from your past sends and adjust your next one, letting you consistently refine your process until you see your peak results.

Grow Love and Loyalty

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