Inside Edge for Stronger Re-Engagement

Inside Edge for Stronger Re-Engagement

Here are four tips that will guide you through designing your next re-engagement campaign. By tackling each of these initiatives, you will be on your way to record re-engagement.

If your subject lines, copy, and CTA's direct subscribers to make a purchase, you won’t see much response.
No. People love to feel like they’re getting a good deal that speaks to them.

Focus on Nurtures, not Conversions

When you think about the overall goal of your re-engagement campaign, remember that data shows your subscribers are unlikely to jump straight into a conversion. So if you design a re-engagement campaign where the subject lines, copy, and CTAs direct subscribers to make a purchase, you won’t see much response.

Why Did Your Subscribers Join in the First Place?

Go back to the beginning and consider why subscribers joined your list. What inspired them the first time will most likely still resonate with them.

For instance, if your company is known for phenomenal customer support, create content in your re-engagement emails designed to remind subscribers how much you love your customers by sharing user-generated content or glowing reviews.

Similarly, if people join your list because you promise a discount or a free download, offer something similar in your re-engagement campaign or tease an upcoming offer to keep people looking ahead to the next email.

Re-Engage with Promotions

People love to feel like they’re getting a deal. When you’re ready to send a final re-engagement campaign, consider what sort of promotion you think will encourage subscribers to make a purchase. When they continue to ignore your messages, you’ll know you gave it your best shot and it’s time to take them off your list knowing you haven’t left any revenue on the table.

Promotions Should Go Beyond the Discount

Like we’ve discovered, people might not be ready to buy during a re-engagement campaign. Consider different types of promotions that encourage them to reconnect with you without an immediate ask to buy.

Prioritize Transparency in Your Messaging

The worst thing you can do when sending a re-engagement campaign is to assume your subscriber knows what you mean. You want to be explicitly clear that you haven’t heard from them in a while and you’re trying to provide the best experience possible for their benefit.

Customer Interests Come First

Don’t shy away from being exact in your language. Tell subscribers you haven’t heard from them in a set amount of time and give them a chance to respond. Asking if they have questions shows you put subscribers’ interests and concerns first.

Similarly, make it clear what happens next and what the consequences will be. For instance, tell them when you’re ready to remove them from your list so subscribers know exactly what you’re doing and why.

Create A Flexible Preference Center

Maybe your subscribers read your re-engagement campaign and realize they still want to hear from you, just not as much. This is the perfect time for you to provide a link to the preference center. It will allow subscribers to update how often they want to hear from you and what topics interest them.

Don’t Make Subscribers Guess

The preference center also allows you to be transparent with the data you’ve gathered on your subscribers and makes it easy for them to see how you’re using that data. Plus, it’s a great way to show your subscribers which lists they’re on.

We all know how annoying it is to unsubscribe from a list just to continue receiving emails from that same company. Usually, this occurs because you unsubscribed from one list when you were actually signed up to several.

When this happens, subscribers often get annoyed and may mark your emails as spam. Instead, be transparent in your preference center and let subscribers see exactly which emails they’re receiving and why.

Allowing them to make changes easily means you’re less likely to get marked as spam.

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