Grow your business
with less time and budget
Reach out to customers, grow your customer base, and build your reputation. With full service campaign
support, iLoyal has taken all the time and stress out of email marketing for small business owners.

Build Love & Loyalty (AND sales) each and every month.

Get a customized local email club solution tailored to drive revenue and improve your customer relationships.

Enjoy the special features of iLoyal’s eClubs for Local Business.


We get serious about eClubs. Get a comprehensive, local-store email club with the same features as big business.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated Success Manager and creative team will assist you in managing your eClub and creating email campaigns.

Campaign Management

We manage it all – from ideation, copy writing, design, programming, scheduling, all the way through to the sending.

Automation Included

Deliver custom welcome emails, birthday greetings, drip messages, and feedback invitations to stimulate love, loyalty, and repeat business.

Unlimited Contacts

Grow your list without worrying about increasing fees and we’ll even help you do it!

Data Management

Free data entry of sign up cards and uploads from your digital sources (e.g., apps, online orders). 

Free Sign-up Cards

Free standard cards, delivered to your door with free return envelopes, and free shipping on custom sign-up cards.

Unlimited Campaigns

Need to send an email last minute? Ask us about our unlimited self-service option.

Decision Time: iLoyal vs. Self-Service + 1 Employee


starting @ $325 / mo

Custom Pro 2 Package with Automation*

A to Z Campaign Management for 2 Email Campaigns Each Month

Free Access to Self-Service System for Additional Campaigns

Average Client Delivery Rates at 99.4%

Expert Campaign Strategy and Advice

No Cost for Sign-up Cards

Free Acrylic Box for Counter

All Data Entry Included

High Quality, On-Brand Design

Wifi, SMS, and POS Add-ons Available

Most popular account options result in range of $325-$485/mo

Employee Managed

$700+ / mo

Equivalent Self-Service and Labor**

4-6 hours of employee labor, plus 2 hours of strategy and oversight ($450)

Paid Access to Self-Service System ($200-$1000)

Average User Delivery Rates at 92%

Novice Email Marketing Implementation

Acrylic Box for Counter ($20)

Data Entry and Management Time ($50)

Cookie Cutter Design Aesthetics

No Expert Campaign Strategy and Advice

Extra Fees or Upgrade Required for Automation

**Based on published rates at popular email apps + actual labor effort

Grow with Unlimited Possibilities

Unlike other email providers, iLoyal will not nickel and dime you for having a stronger email database. We encourage you to grow your database as BIG as you can without restrictions.

iLoyal offers many UNLIMITED features that will have your marketing department’s budget under control. You don’t deserve to pay more for the success you achieve. Grow with iLoyal!