Monitor the health of your
company with Pulse Surveys
Pulse surveys are designed to gather ongoing feedback from employees to help your organization gain insights, track goals,
and get a sense of the overall pulse of the company. Think of pulse surveys as a quick check-in with your employees.

Experience the all inclusive Employee Pulse system that takes all the time and effort out of understanding employee attitudes.

Select a survey option and schedule, upload a data file with employee contact information, and get attractive, real-time online reports. It’s that simple.

What is an Employee Pulse survey?

Pulse surveys give organizations the freedom to measure employee attitudes on a regular basis. Pulse surveys generally have 5 to 10 questions sent out weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Data is collected over time to better visualize trends and track progress.

Why should my company have one?

Employee Pulse from iLoyal are the key to strengthening your culture and building a better company. Companies with happy employees generally see better customer interaction and stronger sales growth.

Use pulse surveys to understand your people and gather real-time insights that impact the bottom line. Apply employee feedback to inform improvement efforts and to guide management teams.

Employee Experience Management is Critical for Spectacular CX

What motivates your employees? What do they value? What would they change?
Improve employee experience management by focusing on what matters to them.

What do pulse surveys measure?

iLoyal Employee Pulse surveys generally use a handful of questions that remain unchanged, but we give you the flexibility of periodically adding extra items of high interest. iLoyal will customize your survey or you can use our standard measures for these topics:

Employee satisfaction  |  Employee work environment  |  Employee safety |  Customer service  |  Team dynamics  |  Culture  |  Goal attainment |  Resource needs/availability  |  Business change  |  Time management |  Suggestion box

Can I add/write my own questions?

Of course: iLoyal’s Employee Pulse surveys give you complete flexibility. We’ll either (1) set up your survey with our standard item set, then add/modify questions as you feel important for your needs or (2) program the pulse survey from items you specify.

Add temporary or special items to your core item set at anytime to gauge attitudes and interests for employee-impacting decisions.

What’s better about iLoyal pulse surveys?

The Simple Truth: Save time, save budget, and enjoy an expertly managed employee engagement system.

No programming, no bouncing survey question wording around the office for weeks, no stress. Simply select a survey item option and schedule, upload a data file with employee information. We’ll set up automated invites on our proprietary SMS (text messaging) and/or email systems (optional) and you’ll get real-time online reports starting as early as the next day! It’s really that simple.

More flexibility and more value: Yes, you can deploy additional employee messaging through the iLoyal SMS application as well!

Why iLoyal CX?

iLoyal CX is the only end-to-end service suite that connects the world’s best CX consultants to research driven CX Insights while giving you the power to immediately test and deploy customer experience improvements.

Useful, usable CX Insights

iLoyal CX solutions clearly and effectively presents comprehensive information about the interactions between your business, customers and employees over the duration of your relationship.

CX Insights for every touchpoint

iLoyal CX provides you with valuable information you need to successfully manage, strategize, measure and impact all aspects of customer involvement throughout various rational, emotional, sensory and physical levels of your business.

CX Guidance for big ROI impact

The iLoyal CX program provides you with a clear guide to visualize how the customer journey, customer-brand touchpoints, and the physical and digital customer experience environments are connected.

By leveraging dynamic CX consulting partnerships, the industry’s best CX technologies, and decades of customer research excellence, iLoyal offers impactful solutions for every organization wanting to deliver a better customer experience.

Looking for more employee insights?

Explore Employee 360 Engagement Surveys

Our secure employee experience surveys help you gather, analyze, and mobilize employee data to transform your workplace, attract better candidates, and improve employee retention.

These surveys are longer forms (about 30-50 items), conducted once or twice a year, and intended to guide longer-term organizational strategy.