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Star Hospitality has partnered with iLoyal to deliver powerful reopening and loyalty campaigns as you return to full health. Return your business to full health

iLoyal creates Love and Loyalty for your business

Canadian Business Recovery Credit

$1000+ of free recovery-focused services to new iLoyal clients. Use Promo Code STAR4Canada before June 30. Credit Details

Loyalty Success Manager
A dedicated Success Manager and creative team ready to assist you in managing your e-club and creating monthly email campaigns.
Caring Success Teams
Your dedicated success team shares ideas with you, then does all the work to turn the ideas into loyalty marketing campaigns.
Campaign Management
From copy writing, design, programming, scheduling, & sending. Full or partial services with stellar turnaround time.
Automations Included
Deliver custom emails to your customers including welcome, birthday, & feedback messaging to stimulate repeat business.
Impressive Graphic Design
An in-house design team (included) that consistently elevates brand affinity among our clients' customers.
Data Management
UNLIMITED DATA ENTRY of sign up cards, warehousing and fulfillment. Save thousands on print & labor.
Loyalty Program Tools
More organic list growth than any other provider, including sign-up boxes, landing pages, and QR code licensing.
Integrated Services
iLoyal integrates with BrinkPOS, your wifi access point, and other systems to make loyalty recruitment easy.

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Loyalty eClubs with Unlimited Options

Build Love & Loyalty (and sales) each and every month. Get a customized email loyalty solution tailored to drive revenue and improve your customer relationships.

  • Full service set-up and campaign management

  • Industry leading deliverability rates

  • High Quality, On-Brand Design

  • Automations included

  • Data Entry included

  • POS Integration included

iLoyal SMS Campaign Alignment

Reach your customers wherever they prefer by adding iLoyal SMS. We’ll align the content of email campaigns with your SMS (text) marketing contacts to help you grow!

  • Mobile coupons with design flexibility

  • Auto-responders for curbside pick-up

  • Integrated with mobile wallets

  • Drip-messages enabled

  • Easy to use campaign scheduler

  • Internationally compliant

Social Media Alignment | Managed Social | iLoyal Social Genius

We’ll align the content of email campaigns with images ready for posting to multiple social channels. Choose to post the images yourself or make them part of a managed social media plan.

  • Align campaigns across email and social

  • Matching images sized to each channel’s specifications

  • Add social images for any social occasion

  • Access the iLoyal Social Genius App

  • Managed social media available

iLoyal Design & Web Services

Create more love and loyalty by keeping your website current, secure, and ever-improving. Deliver great visuals everyday for digital/social, point-of-purchase displays, menus, and more.

  • Website development, hosting, and support

  • Menus (in-store and online)

  • Print and point-of-purchase materials

  • Logos and branded items

  • Stock image licensing

Customer Experience + Feedback Surveys

Deliver better customer experiences with the power of customer voice.  iLoyal CX surveys focus on loyalty attitudes and behaviors, customer journey touchpoints, and criteria for decisions about your products and services.

  • Free version included with all food service accounts

  • Beautifully-branded email invitation included

  • Invites added to welcome/drip automation series

  • Industry leading completion rates

Customizations available: Custom items and logic | Private survey domains | Dynamic QR Code licensing | Interactive SMS experiences | Social media integrations | Automated feedback (+/-) routing | Attractive point-of-purchase signage | POS/receipt distribution

Employee Engagement + Pulse Surveys

Gather ongoing feedback to gain insights, track goals, and get a sense of employee attitudes. Pulse surveys are quick periodic check-ins with your employees. Engagement surveys are more comprehensive annual/semi-annual efforts.

  • Choose from our standard item sets

  • Add custom survey items

  • Deployed via iLoyal or your employee management system

  • Launched in as little as 24 hours

  • Reporting available by location, territory, dept/team leader

PLUS, Enjoy More Available Features!

● System Customized and Designed for Each Brand ● Unique Landing Pages for Each Location
● Beautiful On-Brand Design ● Coupon and Special Code System – ask us what it does! – We love to explain this.
● Local Store Segmentation and Targeting ● Local Time Zone Sending
● Easy Tracking & Reporting by Unit ● Free API for 3rd party integration