Deliver better experiences
with the power of customer voice.
iLoyal CX Surveys can be programmed to capture and track almost any metric. Focus on loyalty attitudes and behaviors,
customer journey touch points, or criteria for decisions about your products and services.

Decision Driven Data

iLoyal focuses on goals and actions first. We don’t collect data hoping it will drive decisions. We understand your business goals and decision paths, then collect relevant data. Every item is matched with a decision necessary for your desired outcome.


What results do you want for your organization?


What decisions will you need to make to get there?


What additional information do you need to gather?


How can you get information from relevant sources?

Surveys Done Right

iLoyal treats every survey as a Customer Experience. As a result we out perform the industry on every survey performance metric.

Interest Upon Invite

iLoyal CX 53.6%
Research Industry 33.4%

Participation Rate

iLoyal CX 28.1%
Research Industry 19.3%

Completion Rate

iLoyal CX 91.1%
Research Industry 78.2%

Respondent Experience

iLoyal CX 98.3%
Research Industry 84.4%

More Ways to Collect

Customer intelligence is easy to come by when the survey is available everywhere the customer wants is to be! Choose any or all of our collection methods.

  • Beautifully branded email invitations

  • Interactive SMS experiences

  • Social media integrations

  • Private survey domains

  • Dynamic QR Code licensing

  • Attractive point-of-purchase signage

  • POS/receipt programming

Proactive Response Management

What happens to when a customer has feedback that would boost your reputation? What happens when a customer has feedback that you need to address right away?

iLoyal cares about your customers and your reputation. Well before any analysis begins, survey responses can be forwarded to online review sites or dedicated customer service personnel.

Monitor, respond, and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey.

Achieve higher customer conversion rates by minimizing negative customer experiences through identification of key steps and decision points.

Contrast the customer experience desired by your customers against what they actually receive.

Improve customer retention, by understanding how they move through stages of the buying cycle and make information available and accessible.

Understand the differences in buyer personas as they move from prospect to conversion through the buying funnel.

Understand metrics required to identify customer’s progress and fall out points, providing opportunities to bring customers back on board.

Optimize the customer on-boarding process and customize the customer journey for specific channels.

Bring teams together to resolve specific hurdles for understanding core customer journey paths, where adapting will provide the most impact.

Reveal the gaps between various channels and departments and prioritize journey optimizing actions.

iLoyal captures what customers care about most.

iLoyal has an arsenal of 1000’s of marketing, management, and consumer psychology items that we match up with your information needs.

By leveraging dynamic CX consulting partnerships, the industry’s best CX technologies, and decades of customer research excellence, iLoyal offers impactful solutions for every organization wanting to deliver a better customer experience.